Wishing and Hoping and Dreaming and Praying... for New Furniture!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

As I sit at the dining room table, composing this post... the kids are climbing onto and jumping from the coffee table.  ....And mommy is sighing.  I remember before the hubby and I became homeowners, I dreamed of all the beautiful furniture I would add to the home.  The first beautiful pieces we purchased were for our bedroom.  They are lovely!  Now, as you can guess, I am daydreaming of new pieces throughout the house.  Especially since a couple pieces have fallen victim to the children's wild imaginations. 

The first, a coffee table set!  As mine, will probably be destroyed by the end of the week... if not by the end of this post.  There are several very nice round-shaped tables... though I always end up picking a dark-wood rectangle coffee table.        This one may be my favorite: 

I've been browsing console tables for a couple of years now.  I'm getting more and more picky as my furniture search and dreaming continues.

This one would match the coffee table I pointed out earlier and I love it that they have so much storage space!  Because I have way too much stuff.

I'm also dreaming of a reading room where I can place these adorable nesting tables.  Okay, I'm dreaming of a computer/social media/reading room where I could arrange them!  Aren't their legs just so chic!