Stroller - A Spring & Summer must have!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Spring and Summer are filled with family trips and walks. Our trips include amusement parks, museums and the zoo. We also do a lot of walking/jogging around town as well as city and state parks.

Having little ones.... my must have for this time of year is a stroller! A good stroller! I own several and each of them seem to have their own use/purpose.

Well, they are always used to transport kiddies aroud. However, they do much more than that. They make moving around much easier! They are also very useful for carrying around the items that the kiddies are going to need while we are out and about.

So, what type of strollers do I recommend:

- Jogging Stroller 

{great for jaunts around the neighborhood}

- Double Stroller {great when more than one kiddo will end up with tired legs}

{great for the littlest passenger}

- Umbrella Stroller {great for keeping in the car for any last minute stroller needs}

A great place to find some of these strollers is Cymax!