Underology and Lipo in a Box product review

Monday, February 14, 2011

I recently had the opportunity to review two fabulous products from Connie Edler.

photo credit LipoInABox.com

photo credit Underology.com

I chose to review the "Tiffany" Go2 Bra from their shapewear collection... yes yes, because my name is Tiffany... and because it looked so lovely.  I've recently had a difficult finding bra's that I have wanted to fork over a lot of cash to have.  I found this bra to be very comparable in price and quality to higher priced bra's I have purchased in the past.

I get extremely frustrated when an  undergarment can't last more than a few months, and this one still looks very lovely and new after nearly three months.  The Tiffany Go2 Bra will provide lovely support and shape for you ladies! I definitely suggest it {in black!}... or your choice of course.

I also chose to review theVitamin C - Microdermabrasion Skin Treatment.   I've always been tempted to purchase a Microdermabrasion kit, but never sure what exactly the results may be.  I'm very glad I chose this product.  The Vitamin C scrubbing crystals combined with the Vitamin C activator