You Relaunched

Friday, January 14, 2011

As a work at home mom, I know the stress and difficulty associated with accomplishing your goals... and doing it from home. Yes, before having the opportunity to be at home with my children and work from home... I was completely misguided in my understanding of just how simple it was. It isn't. At all. You must have a plan, and if you're having trouble getting that plan together... then contact Christina Martin of You Relaunched.

Her course and materials will get you on the path to accomplishing your goals.  Need to get organized?  Let Christina help you with that.  Her guides walk you through getting your time and space together in a way that will work for you and help relieve your stress levels.

Christina uses her past experience and struggles with working at home to help you be successful in your adventure.  And yes, working from home is an adventure  Her materials and advice are invaluable and I've enjoyed having the opportunity to review what she has put together.  I love anything that has to do with organization and am pretty good at it myself... I don't think I could have done a better job at putting something like this together.

From Christina...

With 20 years of operational management, administrative and project management experience, including several years with a Fortune 1000 company, Christina G. Martin has gained the expertise and business acumen necessary to produce quantifiable results. Her ability to think outside the box only fueled her passion for entrepreneurship. After the birth of her son in 2008, she finally left the corporate world behind and decided to actively pursue her entrepreneurial spirit.

Christina began freelance consulting on her own in 2009 and in January 2010, she launched Virtual Project Management Solution, a consulting practice specializing in operational and project management implementation and execution. Most of her clients were small business owners and entrepreneurs in the start-up phases of business. During this time, Christina began noticing a reoccurring theme with her Mompreneur clients: they were each overworked and overstressed, burning the candle at both ends. They seemed to feel constantly overwhelmed and exhausted, while dealing with the daily guilt of not spending enough time with their families.
Christina empathized with her clients whole-heartedly, as she herself began to notice the struggles of Mompreneurship affecting her daily life. Christina worked with each of her clients individually, to develop streamlined business systems, and personal time management systems that catered to the specific needs of the entrepreneurial mother. Christina quickly discovered how many other work at home moms were experiencing the same daily stresses, so she decided to do something about it.

Through Christina’s own personal research, along with basic trial and error, she created standardized methods and techniques that enabled Mompreneurs to rediscover their focus, manage their time, improve their organization and ultimately regain control over their daily lives. From this evolving metamorphosis – You, Relaunched was born.

Christina firmly believes in order to have a successful business, one must also have a successful self. Through this fundamental principle, she has continuously evolved personally and professionally, and focuses on living a life filled with passion, purpose, and positive thinking.
Christina earned her Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the University of Central Florida. She currently resides in a suburb of St. Louis with her husband and children.

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