Headsprout Discount

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A product I am in the process of reviewing is featured today on Mampedia! I am loving Headsprout and it is doing wonders for my K5 homeschooler. She recognizes and can read words/sounds above her grade level already, and it's only December of her Kindergarten year!

Headsprout Early Reading

I can't wait to be able to post a review, but until then... check them out!

Reading is the single most important ingredient in the recipe for academic success. But with today’s time-crunched teachers tasked with squeezing multiple subjects into each jam-packed day, how do you make sure your child is getting the reading practice and exposure she needs to excel? With Headsprout, it’s easy to boost her literacy education with fun, interactive exercises you can do from the comfort of home. And with today’s Sweet Deal, 80 engaging episodes are only $99 (a $198 value).

School-based reading programs are a great starting point, but to catapult kids into reading fluency—or to help them overcome specific challenges and obstacles—sometimes a little extra help is in order. Headsprout is a series of customized online lessons tailored to your child’s needs. Each bite-sized episode is just 20 minutes long, perfectly portioned for pint-sized attention spans. Through printable stories, colorful flash cards, engaging sounds, and interactive exercises, even non-readers can be reading at a second-grade level by the end of the program.

Before getting started, your child’s skill level is assessed through reading tests and scoring sheets. As she progresses through the 80 exercises, you can use the included progress map and stickers to keep her motivated. In addition to supplementing school curriculum, Headsprout is also a great tool for home-schooling families.