Smelly Washer

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Smelly Washer
well.... not smelly anymore!

The timing of the request to review the product Smelly Washer was rather coincidental. I had recently decided that the smell coming from our washing machine must be caused by the city water! {Rather, town water.... I don't live in the city!} MY washing machine would NEVER smell! Again, it had to be the water.

I had already used several boxes of Baking Soda to clean out my washing machine by the time I received the review request for Smelly Washer.... and though I love baking soda and its many helpful uses, it just wasn't getting the job done.

Skip to Smelly Washer. I was instructed to use one scoop of the pink Smelly Washer powder with a load of laundry. I put it to the ultimate test, the bath towels! Worked. I used it on one load of laundry per week until it was gone. It has been quite a while since the last use, and the smell has not returned.