How to Survive Motherhood

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

As challenging as motherhood is, it's worth it!

How to Survive Motherhood

1. Sit down. Take a deep breath. Look at your children and realize that you will never get these moments back.

2. Schedule time to spend by yourself. You are not neglecting your children by spending time away from them. You are helping them by helping yourself.

3. Seek the counsel and advice of trusted mothers you know. More than likely they have experienced what you're going through and can help.

4. Join a mother's group. There are several online communities, such as Bloggy Moms that are great for talking with other moms.

5. Keep a schedule. If children can have an idea of what to expect, they'll be easier to handle. Example: 20 minute warning for bedtime.

6. Always keep the children in mind when scheduling a shopping trip or outing of any kind. Plan to eat before you leave, and what to do if they do find themselves hungry or thirsty. Though the outing may not be smooth sailing, it is easier when it is planned.

7. Plan exciting and exhausting activities. An hour or two at the playground can help give you a more peaceful night.