How to plan a day at an amusement park

Monday, October 25, 2010

1. Before you even begin loading up the car to make your way to the Amusement Park, log onto the computer! You will want to verify the weather forecast for the day. You can log onto and enter the zip code of the park for a very accurate look at what your day may hold.

2. If the weather looks agreeable, start packing your survival kit! Most parks allow you to bring a bag full of necessary items to better survive your day with them. Pack basics such as sun screen, sun glasses, a hat, a swim suit and towel (if they also have a water park). If you're going to the water park, you should also bring a little bottle of shampoo and conditioner. The better you can protect yourself from the sun, the better you will feel during the day.

3. Another way to help protect against the sun and dehydration: Drink as much water before entering the park as you can. Most parks provide free Ice Water (not bottled)at their refreshment stands. Drink as much water as you can stomach (and not get sick on rides!). This will help you feel physically better throughout the day.

4. Choose an outfit that covers sun burn prone areas of the body such as
shoulders. Also, wear clothes that aren't heavy and will dry quickly if they get wet. Clothing made from jean material is not a good choice of clothing.

Wear comfortable shoes! You will be standing most of the day, keep the most worked part of your body as comfortable as possible. A comfortable pair of tennis shoes are a great choice. Flip Flops are not.

When you arrive at the park, get a park map! This is a great way to find the newest attractions and rides as well as bathrooms, lost parents booths and refreshments.

7. If you are bringing small children, stop by a park office as soon as you enter the park. Most parks will have a lost parents booth as well as a method for finding children if you become separated. A lot of parks now provide lost parents wrist bands for children. This is information you can find out before making your trip to the park. Call or email ahead of time and make a plan!

8. If you are bringing small children, know their height! This will help avoid waiting in line just to be turned away if the child does not meet ride requirements. Some parks will measure your child and give them a wrist band showing which rides are available to them based on height requirements.

9. Though we live in an age where everyone has a cell phone, agree on a meeting place and time before your group separates. Someone's phone may be lost while riding a ride or get wet and quit working all together.

10. If you are taking a cell phone, bring a water proof container to place it in. Plastic Sandwich bags are great, some small cosmetic bags are also water proof.

11. Only bring necessary keys with you. You don't want to lose your entire set throughout the day. You can rent a locker at most every amusement park to store this type of stuff throughout the day. Be careful not to lose the key to the locker! Most parks will not open the locker for you until they have closed for the evening.

12. Enjoy your day and know your limits. Riding something that may make you sick at the beginning of your day, could completely ruin your day. Take appropriate motion sickness medicine if you feel inclined.