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There is nothing funny about being pregnant your sophomore year of college. I mean, unless you're attending a private Catholic institution & taking a public speaking class where the teacher assigns the final project and it is an opinion speech on abortion.

And well, then, it's kinda funny.

I think back on that year, listening to my peers talk about boys & tests, bitching about not being 21, discussing what bars they could get into and what they are going to wear Saturday night...

I remember my biggest fear that year - no longer fitting into the desks. I would hold my breath and do my best to suck in my growing abdomen every morning as I went to sit down.

Cause, you know...nothing is worse than being pregnant at 19. Nothing except having to tell a teacher in front of your peers that you no longer fit in the seats...because you're fat. And pregnant. At 19.

Oh, and I hated public speaking. HATED. It was a required course for my major.

I hated public speaking more than I hated being pregnant at 19. That's real hate.

So, you can imagine the vomit inducing thoughts I had when the teacher announced that we would be speaking about our stance on abortion. As the end of the year final. VOM. {Not to be confused with NOM. Totally different made up word.}

Great. I get to hear how all these freaking kids think I should have handled my "unwanted" pregnancy. Farking great.

And then I noticed something...

They were all just as freaked out about the topic as I was...because of me. I was like the GIANT farking elephant in the room. No one wanted to state their opinion because of me. That's funny.

At least it is to the pregnant 19 year old.

I spent the next two weeks thinking of a way to make the most of this...

I had to pay them back for all the fun they were having being 19.


  1. Wow. Of all the topics to choose, and your professor chose that one. Now that is ironical.

  2. Irony is such a good word for this post...I can't freaking imagine. and I just know there's an even funnier part duex!

    Plus, if they were all attending a private catholic college, shouldn't they all be pro life anyway? Just sayin'...

  3. I'm with Blair, I want to know how this ends!!!

  4. I also want to know how this ends! I want the speech, lady! And did anyone give a pro-choice speech?

  5. As Alanis Morissette would say...."Isn't it ironic...."

  6. WOW that must have been an incredible year - but it obviously helped make you into a strong woman!! Amber :)

  7. Wow, I'd love to see what you came up with for your speech!

  8. I'd love to say there is a hilarious part two to this story, but unfortunately it turned very awkward, serious and emotional...I'm not sure it's the part two you all are looking for. There was just no way to make light of the topic or find humor in it, from my stance.


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