Meet Our Team

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Bloggy Mom | Tiffany Noth

Tiffany Noth is editor and chief blogger at A Bloggy Mom.  She founded Bloggy Moms, Bloggy Conference, and a slew of other sites.  She writes on family, travel, tech, fitness, and finance.  Find out more about Tiffany here.

A Bloggy Dad | Dan

Dan enjoys weighing in on A Bloggy Mom articles related to technology.  Though that is his main focus, he enjoys contributing to product reviews on the subject of  travel, automotive, and fitness. 

A Bloggy Girl | Savannah |

Savannah is the daredevil of A Bloggy Mom.  She enjoys being a part of A Bloggy Mom and contributing to product reviews and adventure posts.  She specifically loves articles centered around recipes, technology, entertainment, kids items, and travel. 

A Bloggy Boy | Joey

Joey's primary interest and participation in A Bloggy Mom focuses on kids toys, travel, amusement parks, games and gaming consoles.  He spends his day building elaborate towns, train tracks, marble mazes and roller coasters.  He climbs the walls and jumps from the greatest heights. 


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