Cast of Characters

A Bloggy Mom | Tiffany | Mrs. Incredible

Welcome to my crazy, busy world.  I home school.  I craft, sort of.  I try to sew.  I founded Bloggy Moms and Bloggy Conference.  I'm a Christian.  I'm a wife.  I'm also the mom.   So, does that mean no one listens to a word I say?  Yes, more or less.  I love exclamation marks.  I do not like celery.  Find out more about A Bloggy Mom here.

A Bloggy Dad | Dan | Mr. Incredible

Mr. Incredible is terribly shy and concealed about his personal life.  Hence the super hero facade on this blog.  Too bad he married a blogger.  He's quirky and I love him for it.  I absolutely do not deserve a husband as fantastic as him. You'll hear more about him than he would like. It's all good.

A Bloggy Girl | Savannah | Incredible Daughter

Incredible Daughter.  She takes the air right out of me.   I dreamed of having her from the time I was five years old and was blessed with her arrival when I was twenty-five.  Incredible Daughter is far beyond her years in fashion... she lets me know what looks good and what doesn't.  Most often, I'm informed that what I am wearing does not look good.    She will be an incredible mother someday.


A Bloggy Boy | Joey | Incredible Son

Incredible Son spends his day rubbing in my kisses, building elaborate towns, train tracks, marble mazes and roller coasters.  He climbs the walls and jumps from the greatest heights.  He is my very own little heart attack.


  1. Nice to virtually meet your incredible family! ;-)

  2. Are you on the Fishbowl? Your DH, DD etc look very familiar. From one fish to another.

  3. They are so cute and I love those little ones!


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