BookBark Covers

Friday, April 9, 2010

Jennifer Beaulieu has created a decorative and amazingly easy way to cover and protect your books. She offers a wide variety of designs and the process in covering your books couldn't be more simple.

I was anticipating a lot of cutting, taping and frankly a headache in trying to cover a few books. You won't have any of that with this product. The smallest of books to the largest of text books can be covered with ease. One sheet will work without dragging out the scissors!  The many assortments of colors and designs are enough to satisfy everyone's taste.

A lot of schools require students to cover text books in an effort to prolong its usefulness.  I would have much preferred these delightful designs over the brown paper bags that I had to cut and tape and
decorate myself when I was in school.
I'm no artist by the way!

When I saw the instructions for folding the paper and inserting the book, I was skeptical but hopeful.  It was as easy as the directions said it would be.

~ Place book in the center of the backside of cover.

~Wrap the cover up across the bottom of the book.  Make a crease along the bottom of cover.

~Repeat for the top of book.

~After folding down the top and bottom creases you will have enough paper to cover the book from front to back.

~Wrap the cover across the fron of the book.  Adjust until the two ends of the cover are even.

~Fold the overlap around the front of the book and make a crease.  Insert the front of book into slot created by paper.  Slide the paper down until you hit the crease.

~Repeat step above for the back cover of the book.