Social Media Services and Marketing

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank you for your interest in marketing your brand via Tiffany Noth!

Some of the services offered by Tiffany include:

* Integrated Campaigns
* Media Tours to Promote Brand/Event – TV, radio, print, online
* Sponsor Bloggy Moms
* Coordinated Promotion across the Bloggy Moms Network
* Brand Events
* Sponsor Bloggy Conference
* Speaking Engagements
* Hosted Events
* Sponsored Posts/Content Series
* TV Spokesmom
* Product Reviews
* Twitter Parties
* Facebook Events

Need a blogger or social media consultant?
Tiffany Noth of Bloggy Moms has been in social media since 1996. Tiffany also blogs for hire as well as freelance writing, consulting and social media work. 
Tiffany is available for hire if you need someone to maintain your blog for your business or product, and/or keep your social media activities and accounts up to date.

Please keep in mind that by requesting Tiffany Noth to promote/market/advertise your product or service you are requesting time, energy, influence, etc...  and it is a service Tiffany provides for a reasonable and deserved fee.

Tiffany Noth's Social Media Resume can be found here.