Product Review Policies

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

A Bloggy Mom Product Review Policies

::  A product is required for all reviews. Product will not be returned unless other arrangements and agreements are made prior to the products arrival.

::  Items received for vehicles reviews will be returned.  I am not responsible for drop off or pick up of any vehicle.

::  I am not responsible for and will not cover any shipping costs associated with product reviews.

::  Unless otherwise stated, please allow 2 to 4 weeks for your review to be completed and posted.  The length of time will be determined by the product being reviewed.  Please note that book reviews will require at least 1 month.

::  If you have a specific date that you need the review posted on or before, please make me aware of that so that I can work to accommodate your schedule.  Likewise, if you need a review posted after a specific date due to embargoed information - please make me aware of the date.

::  I only accept full-size product.  This ensures that I can properly test your product .  Sample-size products will not be accepted.  Reviews will not be posted on sample-size products received in error.  Sample-size product received will not be returned.

::  Discounts and coupon codes for my audience may be added to the review.  I prefer the discount or coupon code to reference the name of this blog.  This code must be made available at the time of my review.  Discount codes offered later will be considered advertising and fees will apply. 

::  You are welcome to add a giveaway to the review.  Giveaways take a lot of time to host and market.  A fee for my time, efforts and influence will apply.

::  Should I have a negative response/review of your product - I will contact you before publishing.  You will receive an email with the content of my review and be given a fair chance and time in which to reply on my review.  If time allows, I will hold off on posting until I have received a response.  If too much time has passed since contacting you for your response - I will go ahead with the post.

::  Solicited posts which are essentially marketing pieces with links are considered advertisements and a reasonable fee is required.  These posts will be listed as "Sponsored".

::  I do not currently accept offers to review apps.

::   I do not review any type of alcohol or tobacoo product

::  I only accept family friendly products for review.

::  I do accept travel related reviews/stays/trips for review. 

::  I reserve the right to refuse any review request for any reason.  I am not obligated to disclose the reason for refusal.

::  I reserve the right to refuse the review if you send a product that was not agreed upon, including sample-size products.

::  All reviews are property of Tiffany Noth (A Bloggy Mom).  You must obtain permission before quoting or using reviews made by Tiffany Noth.

Questions:  email Tiffany Noth at