Giveaway Policy

Tuesday, May 8, 2001

A Bloggy Mom Giveaway Policy

::  A giveaways is free of charge when it is combined with a product review.

::  A giveaway without a product review will be considered a marketing and advertising effort.  A giveaway takes time to create, host and market.  A fee will be applied to all giveaways that are not accompanied by a product review.

::  The giveaway time frame will depend on the item being offered.

::  Before hosting the giveaway - I will need very specific item information.

::  Before hosting, I will need to be provided with an image of the item.

::  I will need to know who is eligible to enter.  Age and location ranges are required.

::  I will need to know when you would like the giveaway to begin and end.

::  I am not responsible to ship the item to the winner(s).  If a product is sent to me with the expectation that I am sending it to the winner - I will keep the item until proper shipping labels are received to send it back to you.

::  Winners are selected at random either through or Rafflecopter.  Winners are emailed and their information will be forwarded to you.

::  Per FTC regulations - all giveaways are "no purchase necessary".  No exceptions.

::  I need you to ship the prize to the winner(s) within a reasonable amount of time after the giveaway has ended and you have been given the proper shipping information.  When this doesn't happen - it reflects poorly on me.